Grounds, Garden and Pool Maintenance

Every house requires constant care. The community services in the NOA Garden complex are thought to ensure the highest level of comfort and anticipate the daily maintenance needs of the owners and their villas, keeping in immaculate condition the grounds, the private gardens and swimming pools in each villa. It is a premium service provided exclusively in the NOA Garden complex and designed to ensure its security and privacy according to the highest standards.


Grounds Maintenance

The NOA Garden complex is always kept in immaculate condition thanks to the daily maintenance work of the concierge: cleaning, lightning maintenance, green areas care, etc.


Gardening and Landscaping 

All private gardens at the NOA Garden complex look spotless thanks to the all-year-round garden maintenance services provided on regular basis to all neighbours. This superior service lets you enjoy the beauty of your garden with blossoming flowers, palm trees and green lawn every day disregarding the season!


Swimming Pool Maintenance

Thorough cleaning, periodical emptying, and refilling of private pools at the NOA Garden complex are essential to guarantee the hygiene and the high-quality water leisure. Our pool maintenance service will ensure that you are always satisfied with water quality.


Small Repairs

The concierge has complete availability for the neighbours during their working hours, doing all types of small repair and maintenance works for the villas: plumbing, electrical works, furniture fixing, etc.


Email: [email protected]
Phone: +34 96 585 79 91