Ultimate Security System

Every house requires constant care. The community services in the NOA Garden complex are thought to ensure the highest level of comfort and anticipate the daily maintenance needs of the owners and their villas, keeping in immaculate condition the grounds, the private gardens and swimming pools in each villa. It is a premium service provided exclusively in the Noa Garden complex and designed to ensure its security and privacy according to the highest standards.


24h Perimeter Security System

The NOA Garden territory is equipped with 24/7 video surveillance system around the perimeter of the complex making it unique in terms of the security service provided. The sophisticated alarm distinguishes people and vehicles from other moving objects, such as leaves, raindrops, shadows, and others.


Automatic Gates with Video Intercom System

The NOA Garden complex has a single entrance with automatic gates for vehicles connected to a video intercom system installed in each villa. This ensures the highest level of privacy and security, enabling owners and the night security guard to thoroughly control all in and out movements to the communal territory.


Overnight Security Guard

NOA Garden is situated in the nearest suburb of Benidorm which is known as a safe and prestigious area with expensive private houses. However, the complex goes beyond and has its own private overnight security guard who constantly monitors the perimeter security system sensors, controls access to the complex at night and can provide an immediate response to any type of unusual emergency situation.


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Phone: +34 96 585 79 91